Unicorn Frappuccinos

Unicorn Frappuccinos

Hurry hurry hurry! You may not have time to miss this evening’s storms, but you can still get to Starbucks before their Unicorn Frappachinos are sold out! These weren’t even on my radar until a friend texted me last night informing me of the limited edition. “The Unicorn Frappuccino® Blended Beverage is a color-changing, flavor-changing, sweet and pleasantly sour spectacle, here for only a few days.” You better believe I jumped on the opportunity. I decked the girls out in their unicorn shirts… aka their my little pony tees from Target, threw them in the car and headed to Starbucks.

My experience at Starbucks was as expected, messy, chaotic, and a spectacle for all other customers. 2 little girls with giant frappuccinos and their crazy mom trying to take their pictures without pink cream spilling all over the place. Another instance of me laughing to get through embarrassment. All stress aside, the fun, unicorn, practically milkshakes, were totally worth the hassle. The flavor wasn’t my personal favorite, as I am a chocolgate girl, but Penelope and Naomi loved them. We took our drinks home and finished them outside in the beautiful spring weather. Flowers are blooming, jackets are off, and I can’t get enough.





FullSizeRender 3





FullSizeRender 2






Thank you random college kid for snapping this photo. We fly solo most of the time during the day so I’m glad I got a memory of being there for the unicorn magic!


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