Fairy Mocha Mama – Featuring Katlin LaSotta 

Fairy Mocha Mama

Featuring Katlin LaSotta 

Once upon a time, in the little village of Toledo, lived a Fairy Mocha Mama. She worked tirelessly in her garden of life, raising two fairies of her own and waving her magic ultrasound wand as a badass sonographer. The Fairy Mocha Mama was most known for her loyal friendship powers and for making little girls’ fairy dreams come true… in the form of birthday parties and playdates.

Katlin LaSotta is normally a black coffee girl, but I crowned her the Fairy Mocha Mama after she modified her normal Keurig routine for My Mocha Diaries. Mixed pods of coffee and hot cocoa were brewed just to the rim of Katlin’s super sized comfort mug. The best part of her Vue Keurig system, the pods are reusable! They made great paint dishes for our daughters’ fairy house project as we enjoyed our coffee.

I am always impressed with Katlin’s ability to think sustainably. From reused k-cups and natural cleaning products, to her dedication with cloth diapers and more, she sets a great example of how any little bit helps. She truly is a world loving fairy mocha mama!

Katlin’s Coffee Profile:

How do you like your coffee?
Black with a muffin or something sweet on the side.

First coffee memory?
The aromatic smell filling my grandparent’s house.

What made you start drinking coffee?
When I began my clinicals for ultrasound my instructor and mentor said, “If you’re going to work in healthcare you need to drink coffee.”  I loved it ever since.

Favorite mug?
My very big, easy to grip off white mug.

Time of day you most need a caffeine fix?
Morning and midday, or whenever the kids are up!

If you could be anywhere in the world drinking a coffee?
Paris. Sitting at a cute cafe overlooking the Eiffel Tower.

What does coffee mean to you?
Everything! Lol. Happiness, joy and a wonderful treat to lighten up any day.













Thank you, Katlin, for letting me feature you on My Mocha Diaries. I hope you enjoyed seeing my OCD side as I crept around your beautiful coffee bar taking pictures.

Katlin’s Picks
Keurig Vue
Newman’s Special Blend
Cafe Escapes Hot Cocoa

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