Come Froth with Me – Featuring Malena Caruso

Come Froth with Me


“Where would you like to go,” Malena asked while pulling four mugs out of the cabinet. The embossings of New York, Rome, London, and Paris popped off the earthy tones of ceramic as she set them on her coffee bar. Trying not to let my indecisiveness get the best of me, I chose the eternal city of Rome. Duke wagged his tail in approval. So we went, slowing down our fast-pace lives for a true European coffee experience at Cafe Caruso.

The smell of Malena’s Nicaragua beans sent ashy undertones running through my senses. Her process began by grinding the beans and prepping hot water for the French press. Sunshine splashed the walls of her cozy stucco kitchen as Malena gracefully switched between barista and story teller. I loved hearing about her travels and appreciation for the deeper meanings in life. That appreciation went hand in hand with her approach to coffee… methodical and meditative… letting the brew breathe and rest at each chance.

When the coffee was poured, Malena frothed the vanilla cream until I couldn’t tell if the foamy white was milk or heaven. Turned out, it was both. We sat and enjoyed our coffee’s on the porch turned yoga den while Duke sunbathed in the light at our feet. It was the absolute perfect afternoon in Rome… next time I’m thinking London.

Malena’s Coffee Profile:

How do you like your coffee?
I love my French press with freshly ground coffee from the Fresh Market with frothed Natural Bliss sweet cream creamer.

First coffee memory?
Smelling fresh brewed Maxwell House Coffee on a Saturday morning when I was a kid. My dad still makes the coffee on Saturday morning!

What made you start drinking coffee?
Growing up, coffee was always a comforting thing for me because it reminded me of my parents. When my mom and I would go shopping she would always say, “Okay Lollie, mom needs her coffee break before we get to another store.” Coffee also represents a pause, a time to just relax and enjoy the moment. I truly saw this in action when I travelled solo through Europe. The caffeine is a bonus!

Favorite mug?
The “Courage” mug my mom gave me for my birthday the year I was going through a tough time. It has nicks and chips in it because it’s well loved!

Time of day you most need a caffeine fix?
In the morning and at about 3 p.m.

If you could be anywhere in the world drinking a coffee?
That’s a tough question: I’ve sipped coffee as the sun rose in Nicaragua, people watched in Paris while sipping a cappuccino, grabbed a fresh espresso in Florence after teaching a yoga class… I’d say I’m very blessed! Next on the list: sipping chai tea in India while exploring the roots of Yoga.

What does coffee mean to you?
Coffee means: everything is okay in this moment. From the warm mug, to the steam lifting the sweet smell of goodness to my nose and taking me back to those childhood memories of home.





Thank you Malena and Duke for a great afternoon and coffee experience!

Malena’s Picks
Natural Bliss Vanilla Creamer
Cafe Las Flores Nicaragua 
City mugs

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