Naomi’s Nursery

Naomi’s Nursery

It is hard to believe that this time last year I was getting a little girl’s nursery ready for her arrival… and that little girl is about to turn one. A lot has changed in the past 12 moths. Naomi, for example, was named Viola at this point in my pregnancy. Now, she is our little Nomi Monster, Nomi Cheeks, and Omi to her big sister. She loves reading, cuddling with her knitted blankets, standing in the bath, eating all the time, bouncing on her elephant, and trying to throw herself down stairs and out of grocery carts (both have happened and she survived). She keeps me on high alert and I am a better mom for it!

In true second born fashion, Naomi’s room is a collection of hand me downs and home made projects. I had visions of teal and violet while she was in my belly which inspired the color palette and water color paintings. Peter was really proud of his bright yellow sun I let him contribute!

There are several sentimental parts of this room I’d like to mention. We hung a bib made by Naomi’s great grandma GG and we always think of her when we leave the room. I love the ferris wheel tin sitting on the dressers because I grabbed it from my Baba and Papap’s estate sale this fall, it is where I’d keep my crayons when we visited.  And last but not least, Naomi’s dressers are Peter’s as a kid. I just replaced the handles with some crystals and silver to girly them up.

I’m surprised how Naomi’s room came together through all the chaos, but I’m proud to share it one year later. Thank you everyone who contributed ❤











My favorite part of the day is when we hear Naomi wake up from a nap and Penelope runs to see her. They laugh at each other for a few minutes as I spy from behind the door. Time is going so fast… I keep reminding myself when the days are long.

Special thanks to: The Macks for the crib, Mom and Jess for the knitted blankets, Mrs. Blease for the beautiful handmade quilt, and Dana for the Mermaid doll. I had to include our humidifier that saved us this winter. It took us two failed purchases before finding this one and we love it.

2 thoughts on “Naomi’s Nursery

  1. This is amazing. Everything looks beautiful ~ can’t wait to see it in person ! I love your eye, your talent and your heart ❤️ ~ enjoy these beautiful, hectic, crazy, long days 😘


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