Lull and Lust Bedroom Art

Lull and Lust

My bedroom is 2 places. One of Lull, to rest and dream. The other of Lust, to escape and let go. It is not a place to stash  baby toys or watch Thomas the Train… of course all hell broke loose after the disruption of holiday travel, and we now have a co-sleeper taking ranks. Peter says to enjoy the snuggles while it lasts 😳. All hell broke loose on my Keurig too, but that’s another story.

For 3 years I’ve been looking for the perfect art pieces to hang above my bed with the criteria of abstract expressionism, calming yet sexual undertones, and of course, the color palette to complement my comforter and other elements in the room. After being fed up with the search, I decided to make my own custom series.

Since I am not an interior designer, nor is my messy bedroom in showroom shape, I’m including just a few shots of details in the room that inspired “Lull and Lust”.


How to keep the kids away from your paintbrushes?  You can try but you will fail…  sorry 😜.

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