Mind Over Mocha – Featuring Jen Coleman

Mind Over Mocha

Featuring Jen Coleman

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they like their coffee… and by their big green leafy wallpaper. The Florida girl in Jen pops up through her home in everything from the shades of green, tropical house plants, but mostly in her warm weathered attitude towards life. I was able to experience her favorite coffee routine, which definitely made me think, Mind Over Mocha. She introduced me to my first french press experience and my horizons have been broadened! It was the spoonful of  coconut oil that really surprised me with a smooth finish.

Jen’s coffee isn’t the only thing benefiting from coconut oil. Her Mind Over Lather business uses organic oils along with other natural ingredients to make up a line of vegan soaps and yoga mat spray. The most impressive part, is that she makes all products out of her home while balancing life as a mom and yoga instructor! Total rockstar!

How do you like your coffee?
Black and in silence. Before kids, I loved it while reading an actual print copy of the WSJ  or NYT on Sundays. Those days are long gone!

First coffee memory?
Working at Goodyear Tire & Rubber company in Akron and being grossed out by the brewed pots in the coffee stations

What made you start drinking coffee?
The need for speed

Favorite mug?
I love the thick sturdy initial mugs from Anthropologie. My sister and i also have a fetish for coffee mugs that have a figurine in the middle that you can’t see when you fill the mug up but  it appears as you are half way through the cup. (Kinda like these http://www.creaturecups.com) We have some for Easter with bunnies, Christmas Tree for Christmas, and a ghost & pumpkin one for Halloween. If you ever see a coffee mug like this while shopping, let me know ASAP.

Time of day you most need a caffeine fix?
First thing in the AM and only 1 cup.  I never drink coffee after 2pm. If I am on vacation somewhere fun and know I am going to be out late, I will start my night with an espresso martini.

If you could be anywhere in the world drinking a coffee?
I am a Florida girl at heart so definitely some where down there (I’ll take the Keys, Miami, or Naples all day long)

What does coffee mean to you?
It’s my prana (energy) in the morning.  I appreciate the simplicity of the daily routine.







Thank you, Jen, for the behind the scenes making of Mind Over Lather.  My favorite was the Champagne Bubbles Soap!

Jen’s Picks
Kirklands Coconut Oil
Fresh Market Coffee
Starbucks French Press

3 thoughts on “Mind Over Mocha – Featuring Jen Coleman

  1. What an uplifting story! Made me feel warm by just reading. It’s the simple things – like a cup of coffee in quiet before the rest of the family is stirring- that are so rewarding. Getting up before everyone can enable us to get our thoughts together and plan (or not) the day. Love the tropical wallpaper and the subliminal Florida hints – it’s what we all need on a winter’s day.


  2. My Mocha Diaries is such a beautiful concept. Kristin is lovely and her photography is beautiful. I am so honored to be featured on here! Hope you enjoy your soap!! XO

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