Not So Sleeping Beauty

Not So Sleeping Beauty

I’m writing this post while laying on Penelope’s floor, waiting for her to fall asleep. The past few weeks of parenting our 2.5 year old have been challenging to say the least. Refusing to eat foods she once loved, dropping her nap, increased tantrums, and a sudden fear of sleeping alone have left us exhausted and bewildered. Which brings me to the floor of her room… I’m going to get comfortable because I don’t see this phase ending any time soon.

My saving grace all week has been coffee and this castle I found in the Michaels checkout line. On sale for $15, almost as cheep as a plain cardboard box and way cooler. Amazon’s are a little more expensive, but you can find them here. You can tell my momming is on point by all the marker on Naomi’s face 😳.  Not the first time, and probably not the last.










I’ve been using visuals of our nightly routine in hopes that it will help with Penelope’s bedtime. She understands, but hasn’t stopped her night wakings or fear of being alone. She sneaks into our room around 1am every night after realizing we aren’t still there. Would love to hear anyone’s stories or advice on this whole sleep debacle! Feel free to comment below 🙂

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