A Morning in Paris

A Morning in Paris

Coffee is at the heart of Parisian lifestyle, so I have read… but I know first hand that Paris is at the heart of Anina Winovich, aka, Mémère.

My mother in law chose for my daughters to call her Mémère after tracing back some French ancestry, but mostly because her love of Paris. I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to dress the girls in these adorable matching outfits, so I thought up the perfect scene that would melt Mémère’s heart. All I needed was some espresso inspiration and chocolate courage to get Pika and Naomi to cooperate. In between mocha sips and booger wipes, I was able to get some adorable shots. Someday, I’ll invest in a nice professional camera, but for a morning in Paris, my iPhone did just fine.




No time for photoshop edits on Naomi’s poor nose.  I’ll just have to look back and remember what it is like to have a clumsy 10 month old during flu season.

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