Pika’s Picks Under $40 

Pika’s Picks Under $40

Toys I wish Penelope cherished; puzzles, anything with the word “learning”, or anything expensive I’d ever bought, mislead to believe it would entertain long enough to match the price…   Most often, those hopes had no dictation of what she would really love.  I brewed a mocha this morning and pulled out her favorite toys for some pictures.

Without further ado, here is the official list of Pika’s ride or dies under $40. (I’ve excluded anything from Frozen because that would just take over the list)
*** Disclaimer. I am not a toy expert, nor do we have the latest and greatest kid gadgets. This is just the list that has stood the test of time in the Winovich house.


Disney Princess My Busy Book
By far her favorite! She freaks out when the “map” is not in the box, or if one of the princesses is not counted for.  Cinderella is currently on a permanent vacation… img_4616img_4876

Muppets Look and Find Book
…I see you Miss Piggy lookin hawt!  This is the one book I can get Penelope to focus on for more than 5 minutes.  Win!  She loves finding the “frosties” on this page.

Mega Blocks
Mega Blocks are Mega awesome.  They are easy to build for small hands and non chokeable for when baby sister is around.  Even mom and dad have built some pretty genius towers 😉

Lets Go Fishing
So much love for this game. Sometime we’ll even play with the fish in other creatives ways.img_4871

Chubby Puppies
Adorable. Period. I never know where I’ll find these little pups cruising around the house.img_4618img_4880

Disney Bath Tub Squeeze Toys
Number one in my heart.  These go everywhere with us! The beach, the mall, the snow, restaurants. If there are other kids, they are trying to steal these figures… and yes we have the Starwars set too! img_4701

2 thoughts on “Pika’s Picks Under $40 

  1. ok instead of spending my Amazon Christmas gift cards on myself….I am looking for used copies of the Princess Busy Book (it’s discontinued apparently!). Kate would love it!!!


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