Fright or Flight

Fright or Flight

When the body senses an attack, we respond with Fight or Flight. I’ve realized that the approach of Halloween triggers a similar physiologic reaction… to FRIGHT or FLIGHT. This year, my overwhelmed self chose flight.

The idea of putting energy into costumes this year made sweat drip from my forehead. Going on Pinterest gave me the same feeling I get going into Charming Charlie’s, pure panic. My daughters ended up wearing the same princess dresses to each 4 Halloween parties, conveniently chosen from their selection of dress-up clothes in the basement. Did I have candy ready for those parties? Nope. My own halloween costume was thrown together hours before our adult party, deciding on the stereotypical sexy pirate. I Inevitable drank too much to compensate for my lack of creativity then morphed into a zombie state the following 24 hours. For trick-or-treat, I was the haggard mom shivering on our front porch just waiting to watch Stranger Things. There were a few nights my kids would not sleep because they ate so much sugar. There were also a few nights I cried for no reason at all.

Looking back, am I disappointed in myself for not getting into Halloween this year… No. I am only disappointed that I was so HARD ON MYSELF in all those moments of flight. As a mom of 2, Halloween is no longer about having the coolest costumes or front yard decorations. It is about letting go of ego and just living in the moment, wether you are just trying to survive, or feeling the holiday vibes. Halloween is about supporting your friends in their times of flight and applauding your friends that fright their creative hearts out! 

On a mocha note, does anyone else love how creamer looks as it swirls into their coffee? Even spooky looking in the context of Halloween. Lately, I’ve been doing a Caramel / White Chocolate combo. The creamy mix really warms me up on cold mornings. I recently realized that you can drink coffee out of moscow mule mugs and the copper has been my favorite fall accessory.










How did you survive Halloween? Fright or Flight?

My Halloween Picks
White Chocolate Mocha Creamer – Kroger
Starbucks Caramel Coffee – Kroger

Moscow Mule Mugs




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