A Knitted Home – Featuring Annie Johnson

A Knitted Home

Featuring – Annie Johnson

“I like my coffee when it punches me in the face,” declared Annie as she packed the Starbucks grinds into her KRUPS espresso machine. I laughed in amusement visualizing anything punching my friend in her artsy glasses, all while holding a one-year-old on her hip.

Annie is just as adorable as her knit and crotchet business she runs out of her home in Maumee. Baskets of yarn are in every room mixed with toys and wooden heirlooms made by her grandfather. I loved seeing the realness of her life and how her business integrates with raising two young daughters.

Knitted Home’s quality accessories speak for themselves, but it was her coffee today that screamed to my senses. There is something to be said about a touch of brown sugar and a roast that punches you in the face. I didn’t mind at all.

Annie’s Coffee Profile:

How do you like your coffee?
2-4 shots of espresso + 2 tablespoons of dark brown sugar and top it off with dark roast/strong coffee.

First coffee memory?
My first coffee memories are my dad and grandfather always having coffee with their brunch; my grandfather’s slightly-stale coffee breath; and the sweet smell of fresh brewing coffee Saturday morning.  These memories are all tied with disinterest at a young age because the coffee I tasted felt like flavored water and disgusting. Then in high school (maybe Junior year), my sister took me to Starbucks and I ordered a Carmel Macchiato and I was *hooked* on this fancy coffee drink.

What made you start drinking coffee?
I started drinking “fancy” coffee because I loved the smooth, rich flavor of espresso and milk, but I eventually started drinking black coffee with dark brown sugar and whole milk to cut out artificial and chemical additives. I soon learned how much I loved the caffeine high and it was my “drug” of choice all through college.

Favorite mug?
My favorite mug has to have a tapered body, top down, and a half-heart shaped handle for the most ergonomic feel in my right hand.  I love to hold my warm mug in my hand while breathing in the steam and sweet aroma, usually reading a blog, watching a youtube friend’s video, or *ideally* reading a great novel.  Most times it is a quick sip between rows of knitting.

Time of day you most need a caffeine fix?
I definitely need a few sips in the morning to get going.  Most likely it is yesterday’s leftover concoction until I can brew something fresh around naptime (1pm).

If you could be anywhere in the world drinking a coffee?
I would go back to Dubrovnik, Croatia for a good macchiato in a heartbeat.  Their espresso (“kava”) is the smoothest, darkest, robust, silkiest I have ever tasted.  Add a small splash of cream and a spoonful of brown sugar and it is nectar.  *closes eyes and savors the flavor*

What does coffee mean to you?
Coffee means a warm, optimistic start to the day.  Whether I’m starting at 7am or 1pm or 9pm (when my “work” day starts), that first sip is my favorite to savor and enjoy slowly before setting to the task(s) I’ve been pilling up for that punch of motivation.  My addiction is more the flavor and texture than caffeine, but those headaches are certainly real, too 😉















Check out Annie’s beautiful Knitted Home pieces in her Etsy shop here, and don’t be shy to stop by her blog and say hello.









One thought on “A Knitted Home – Featuring Annie Johnson

  1. Oh my goodness, your images couldn’t be more gorgeous!! Thank you so so much for this beautiful feature! If this wasn’t me, I’d want to curl up with this gal and her espresso concoction 🙂 lol.


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