Into The Mist – Featuring Body Glove

Into The Mist

Featuring Body Glove

My dreams must have woken me in the silence of morning. The scene proceeding was not far from that world and I still wonder where dreaming ended and reality began.

Muscles sore, eyelids heavy… I pulled back the door and looked out for the lake, taking a step to make sure I wasn’t floating in a cloud. The wet grass was cold beneath my feet. Gripping my coffee, I headed into the fog, hoping a lake was still out there behind the hazy curtain.

My board was ready by the water’s edge, my vessel across the gray abyss. Fog began to burn off the water as I broke into the glassy surface. Steady as she goes. The sun lifted higher from the horizon and a chilled breeze blew across my skin, raising every hair off my body. This was living. I paddled out to the middle of the lake, like a gator sneaking up on his prey, only the prey I saught was peace and meditation. A moment alone with God, nature… and a warm coffee to heighten my senses.

The most inspiring moments are those right at dawn. Before the rest of the world awakes and you feel ahead of the race. Alive and motivated… if only these mornings were reality and not just a dream.











I left the water and pulled my Body Glove Board out with me. Keeping this board close to my heart until the next adventure. Rolled her up with ease and put her in the case, ready to leave my foggy daydream.

Anyone interested in this awesome, transportable board, leave a comment or direct message me at Also found at Costco.

Thank you, mom, for helping me out at dawn to get these cool photos!






2 thoughts on “Into The Mist – Featuring Body Glove

  1. I was really impressed with the quality of the paddle board. I love this post. Mostly because I was able to enjoy a beautiful mother daughter morning!


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