A Beast Mocha for a Beauty’s Party


A Beast Mocha for a Beauty’s Party

Welcome to My Mocha Diaries! 
I am honored you found me. This post on Pinterest has been sending new visitors my way and I hope you explore and enjoy some of my mocha creations and photography.

Warning, this indulgence is not going to help with your summer beach-bod, but it is a delicious treat on a cool morning. Mocha Chocolate by Archer Farms is my favorite mocha flavored ground coffee, not too overwhelming and I often drink it alone with nothing added. For this post, I wanted over the top beastliness, so I sprayed in some one touch latte for a foamy bed below the whip cream. Lastly, I grated milk chocolate and Oreos on top. Yum Yum.









So many thank yous to my entire family for pitching in with this party and to all of Naomi’s friends that came in support.  Love Love Love you all!

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