Everyone has it. The winter plague has been circling our family and I’m in the eye of the storm… That period of calm when the kids are starting to feel better, but there’s an uneasy lurking that I am next… Time to ramp up on mochas, orange juice, and positivity!  I will not get sick. I will not get sick. I will not get sick.

Feature Friday was postponed this week due to the fact my only ventures to the outside world were the pediatrician’s and the ER (poor little babies just can’t handle these viruses going around).  Instead, I’m reflecting on My Mocha Diaries.

First coffee memory?
Cringing at my mom’s breath in the morning before grade school. LOL, sorry mom.

Favorite coffee beverage?
Mochas obviously, but I don’t discriminate. Whip cream encouraged 😉

When did I start drinking coffee?
After college,  when I started working at North Design. Walking to Biggbe was a great way to bond with my coworkers, but I hated coffee. I ordered mochas because they tasted the most like chocolate and eventually I was hooked. When people say coffee is an acquired taste, it couldn’t be more true for me.

If you could be anywhere in the world drinking a coffee?
Any beach with a morning breeze. I’ll say Java Joes in Hilton Head because I can’t wait to be there this summer.

Time of day you most need a coffee beverage?
After breakfast when it sinks into my brain how tired I am.

Favorite mug?
My favorite mug right now is my “best wife ever” mug from Pier One. It makes me chuckle at myself. Working on expanding my collection this year.

What does coffee mean to you?
It means my happy place, but also that I have a lot to learn! I’m having so much fun on this mocha journey and am excited to learn more about the beans that bring so many people together.

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