The Mom I Never Thought I’d Be.

I’m that mom on the playground narrating my child’s every move, and I don’t care who’s judging me.

We all imagine what we’ll be like as parents some day.  For me, I thought I’d be the chill mom, letting my child explore the world as I watch adoringly, giving them words of encouragement and waiting for what funny thing they’d say next. I did not envision being the parent hovering my daughter around the playground, waving sign language at her like a monkey and chanting words at her like an annoying parrot. UP UP UP.  DOWN DOWN DOWN. GO GO GO GO. STOP STOP.  {fingers together} MORE MORE? Turns out I am getting really good at it.  But not without a few eye rolls and awkward stares along the way.
I am sweating as I chase my toddler up the stairs, down the slide, and across to the swings. To the watching eye, she is completely ignoring me as I create a magical script to her playground escapade.  I look like the crazy, over bearing parent, that is way too high strung on my child.  Little do they know the method behind my madness.
The truth is, you can’t predict the type of parent you will be or the obstacles you will face along the way. Our daughter was diagnosed with speech apraxia when she turned 2. Although the beginning of that journey was scary, it made me a better mother and I’ve learned to roll with the punches of parenting. Fostering her language at every chance now comes before playing cool mom on the playground!
I love being the hovering and over attentive mom, affirming my daughters actions and narrating her adventures.  It keeps me on my toes. I’ve pledged myself to do whatever it takes to help her reach for the stars.  Even if that means looking like the mom I never thought I’d be.

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