Waves of inspiration


Inspiration breaks in waves… and sometimes you have to go to the waves to get it back.

What do I WANT? What are my DREAMS? Feet in the sand, eyes on the horizon. We don’t always have to be so certain of ourselves! It is ok to wait for the tides to crash at our feet. Society pressures us to get in our boats and make moves… but maybe the most important moves are happening at the shores of new beginnings… before we even realize the voyage. Happening as the coarse sand spits against my pale ankles. Happening as the dense smell of sea fills my wintery pores. Happening as the new life inside me feels my peace. Beauty unfolds at the water’s edge where mirrored blues reflect a higher power.

So, again, what do I WANT, and what are my DREAMS? Thanking God for a new partner in that journey.









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