Every Tea Party Needs a Monkey 

Every Tea Party Needs a Monkey

I stood eager in a dark hallway. There was a light bouncing off a corner in the distance. It must have been from something bright and beautiful but the source was out of sight. I ran my fingers along the wall, tracing details of my approach as I began towards the haze. Veering right, I followed the light down another hallway but the brightness did not intensify as expected. My curiosity was fueled by more than just a fear of the dullness behind me, it was a desire to touch illuminated greatness.

My friend threw the perfect tea party this week for our daughters. The idea of “perfect” hit on a concept I’ve been wrestling with in my creative endevors.

Perfection is relative. If life were a dark maze, perfection is the light around every turn that we chase but can’t seem to reach. I have to believe that even for those who don’t admit this aspiration, it exists within everyone’s subconscious.  I would be lying if I didn’t admit my compulsiveness towards the allure. Sometimes it blinds me like a light so bright that I can’t move. I want what translates in the real world to represent the vision and goals in my mind. This is never an easy feat, and often leaves me paralyzed if the reflection is not the paragon… so where does this leave me? Stuck in the maze, disappointed and chasing the unattainable. Or is enlightenment just around the corner?

I don’t believe perfection is a bad thing, it motivates us to present our best ideas to the word… but I’ve learned that I need to check myself and realize when to close the computer and stop chasing. Every tea party needs a monkey, and every tea set has a chip. Life is way more fun embracing the imperfections! I hope my daughters can live their lives knowing this lesson. 



Thank you, Jen, for hosting the most adorable play date this week! I always wish I took more pictures, but I think these few show how truly sweet this little group is. ❤

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