5 Excuses Not to Start a Blog

5 Excuses Not
to Start a Blog

How many times has starting a blog crossed your mind? You have great ideas in your head, a hobby you want to write about, or maybe you wish to share your life with family far away. Ultimately, it never happens for one or all of the following reasons.

Chances are you know at least 5 people with a blog. Probably a few friends, a family member, and that girl you blocked from your feed. Becoming “just another blogger” may stubbornly deter you from starting one of your own. The perceived notion of being a copy cat or stepping on some toes may also be lurking in your subconscious. All natural thoughts, but also self defeating. On the contrary, other bloggers will be your biggest supporters! The blogging community has surprised me with it’s acceptance, outreach, and encouragement. The time is now and there is space for everyone on the internet!

Let’s be serious, this is a HUGE fear for many. Yes, people will judge you, but that happens just walking down the street. This was definitely my biggest deterrent for years, but as I made my way into adulthood this fear started to drip away. Nobody cares as much as you think they do. Make your decision to blog with intent and don’t be afraid to BE YOURSELF. You will not regret that!

There are no rules to blogging. If you have writers block, don’t write. If you are tired, take a break. If you haven’t posted for 2 weeks or 2 months, the web won’t fire you. Pick back up when you feel inspired and don’t stress yourself out. This doesn’t apply to big dogs who quit their jobs banking on the consistency of their posts, but to those looking for creative outlet, business publicity, or maybe just a place to share their family photos. The blogosphere is very forgiving.

Sharing part of yourself makes you vulnerable. Vulnerability can be scary and very uncomfortable. Sometimes sweat drips off my finger before pressing the post button. Luckily, there are hundreds of books, TED talks, and studies that show being uncomfortable is directly related to human growth.

This last excuse is on the sappy side. I am a true believer that the universe is always hungry for ideas and it is our calling as thinkers to feed that need. People who are brave enough to put their creative energy into the world are bound to be rewarded. That reward may not be in the form of dollar signs, but in personal growth, mental well-being, a new friend that shares your interest, self-revelation, or maybe 15 minutes of fame. There is definitely attainable profit from blogging if that is your ultimate goal, but make sure you research that reality before setting any expectations.

So, what are you supposed to do with all those great ideas sitting in your head? I had a great experience with Tumblr in the past but decided to use WordPress when I started My Mocha Diaries because of its capabilities. Blogging should not be so intimidating, although I was guilty of that perception a year ago.  If any of you are interested in starting a blog, I am already your #1 fan!  Please message me if you have any questions getting started or would like to bounce some ideas around. Blogging has become such a great outlet for me, and I encourage others to forget about the tabu and give it a try.





I was so pumped visting Rustbelt Coffee in Downtown Toledo for the first time.  Wow, what an impressive cafe with tons of inspiration and design candy! Just enjoying a coffee here is tip of the iceburg from what Rustbelt has to offer. The service was perfection with the barisa happily explaining the drink selection and the staff on top of clean up and meeting everyone’s needs. A great place to bring your laptop or notebook and feel those creative juices… and maybe start a blog 😉

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