Call of the Canyon

The canyon called and we answered, but not without knocking over a cactus and fumigating the cafe with a loaded diaper.  

Every Tuesday for the past 5 months, we have been making the 40 minute drive down to Bowling Green for Penelope’s speech therapy, and every Tuesday we pass Call of the Canyon Cafe on Main street before making our turn on Wooster.  I take a curious glance at anything with the word “cafe” these days, assuming the chance to try a different mocha.  Apparently, the cafe has been there for 15 years, but I never noticed it my 4 years of undergrad.  I must have been too preoccupied clumsily jaywalking from Junction to Clazel at 2am.

Every so often I try a restaurant that does not have a mocha option on the menu.    Call of the Canyon was one of those disappointments… But not to worry because I am letting you in on my secret to mocha ingenuity.

Kindly ask the waitress. “Can I have half hot chocolate and half coffee please. If you could add whip cream on top that would be great”.  BOOM, there it is.

Enjoying a mocha is never full indulgence with a baby on your lap.  Naomi likes to grab at everything in arms reach, and with one sip of my mocha, the cactus pot next to us came crashing to the floor.  Dirt everywhere.  I leaned over in recovery mode and was greeted with the god awful smell of doo-doo explosion.  Call of the Canyon, it was great to finally meet you, but CHECK PLEASE!








If you haven’t picked up on the pictures, these cactuses are land mines in this place!

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