Mocha Meet Trevor 

Today, I brought my Tall Tangerine Tumbler to meet Trevor.
 Take that for alliteration! I definitely felt one with the giraffes today.  Their brown mocha tones, long lean necks, and those eye lashes…

But first, about my tumbler from Starbucks. I love its eye catching stainless steel and unique tangerine color. I can throw this in my diaper bag with no leaks or spills and my Sweet & Creamy stayed hot for 3 hours while I adventured the zoo. Today, there was no time for indulgence, but that doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a hot, belly warming mocha that lasts the whole morning!

Everyone needs to check out this giraffe experience new to the Toledo zoo.  5$ to enter the overlook was TOTALY worth it to be up close to these beautiful African animals. Trevor was a true gentleman. Go check it out, everybody’s zooing it!


Thank you Toledo Zoo and Trevor!

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