Low Key Put-In-Bay Getaway

Put in Bay Getaway

Mom found us a spot up top and we stared at each other in relief as the ferry pulled away from shore. We made it… with the gate pulling up behind me and out of breath from running through the parking lot… but we made it. I couldn’t tell what was louder, the sound of my heart beating or the wind drumming over my ears. Riding atop the Jett makes you feel alive, the kind of alive that gives you wind burn and a slight headache but an overshadowing adrenaline rush of escape. I squinted at the beautiful morning sun sparkling off Lake Erie and wondered, why don’t I do this more often?… then I remembered the two munchkins that run my life and their faces laughing at me for such a thought. 

I was excited to diary this trip because I wanted share the memorable time my mom and I had on our one-night getaway. There are many scenarios and ways to visit Put-In-Bay. The following itinerary is great for a low key mother daughter, girlfriend or couple’s adventure. 

10:15 – Jett leaves Port Clinton – 30 min ride
11:00 – Lunch at The Keys – Love the beachy vibes here, immediately puts you in vacation mode.
12:00 – Taxi to B&B – (419) 285-5466
12:30 – Check in at Arbor Inn Bed and Breakfast freshen up. (My favorite part of this bed and breakfast was they had golf carts and bikes available to rent for guests, and you could keep them all day and into the night.)
1:00 – PIB Winery – Hop on golf cart and loop around to PIB winery, sit on the patio and enjoy the lake breeze whistling across your glass and the entertainment of bachelorette groups starting their descend.
2:00 – Heinmans Winery and Crystal Cave Tour. Cool off underground and feel the earth around you, relish in the trouisty shit because sometimes it’s ok to be part of the pony show. The Crystal Cave was pretty neat. Make sure to buy a bottle of sweet wine!
3:00 -Icecream and snack stop at Goat Soup & Whiskey to complement your wine buzz.
3:15 – Relax at east shore – Drive golf cart to “east shore” of the island for a seclusive break from the daytime chaos. Find a spot where the trees break and feel the sand under your butt and cold water splash at your feet. Finish off a bottle enough to daydream at the clouds and drift away into the horizon.
4:30 – Cart back to the B&B – take a nap, read a book on the front porch, or walk down to the vineyard and take some cool pictures. 
7:00 – Dinner at The Boardwalk
8:30 – Hop on golf cart to South Bass Island State Park for sunset.
9:30 – If you are up for it, head back downtown for some prime time people watching.
9:00am – Breakfast and Coffee here
10:15am – Ferry back to reality!












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