Fisher Price Meets Fixer Upper

Fisher Price Meets Fixer Upper

I’ve been “Chip”ing away at this project for quite some time. My daughters have been wondering why they couldn’t play with “Mommy’s toy” and Peter has been wondering why there is acrylic paint everywhere… I tried to explain that Joanna’s 4 wardrobe changes were out of my control, and that you always run into problems on demo day.

This Fixer Upper edition was inspired by the Magnolia mug my friend brought me back from her Waco trip. Supposedly, Joanna even touched it, or so I pretend. I remember the moment I was enjoying a mocha with the mug, watching the girls play with their Fisher Price farm, and that’s when I turned a little crazy… crazy obsessed with turning the plastic toy into my very own Magnolia Market Silo!

My love for The Gaines family started back in 2013 when Fixer Upper first aired on HGTV, but my respect grew even more after watching this clip on Joanna’s story. She makes we want to be closer to faith and closer to my dreams… and closer to having beautiful rustic house decor and open concept living!

Since the Fisher Price Fixer Upper is complete, I have allowed Penelope and Naomi to have their toy back. If you are interested in recreating this makeover, you can get the original barn on Amazon here.  Chip and Joanna were originally from this airplane set.  I used my Basics Acrylic Paint for all the details and sprayed the barn with this Satin Rust-Oleum.










Thank you Julie for the inspirational mug and thank you Chip and Joanna for sharing your Magnolia Farms with the world.

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26 thoughts on “Fisher Price Meets Fixer Upper

  1. You are such a crazy talent! Your barn transformation is “sweet”. The little people are the spitting image of Chip and Joanna…hair and all! You are such a great mom and friend to so many. Keep on dreaming and creating!!💞


  2. This is awesome Kristin! I’m impressed 😊 I absolutely love them also! HGTV is the only thing I watch- besides cartoons now 😅


    1. Ashley, thank you so much for the compliment! I feel ya on the cartoons, we have watched Trolls and Moana on repeat the past few weeks… I get my chip and jo jo in when I can!!!!


  3. I would LOVE t make this for our grand-daughter! Chip looks like possibly the farmer that came with the Fisher Price Farm Set. Where could I find the figure you used for Joanna?


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