North Pole Play Land


The thing you’ll do for your kids!

Somehow, I successfully blew up 100 balloons… by myself… without passing out… but it was all worth it to complete this North Pole wonderland for my girls!  If all those balloons popped, it would smell like a wonderland of chocolate mocha breath.  This vision came from me being a huge kid at heart and living vicariously through my children.  Endless entertainment for only $20 and a little imagination 🙂
Without further ado, welcome to the North Pole.


And a little topping fun for the kiddos too ^

3 thoughts on “North Pole Play Land

      1. Thank you Amy 😊. It is great sensory integration for Penelope. I sadly had to pop the North Pole today because Naomi was getting ahold of the deflated ones 😆. It lasted for a solid 2 weeks though!


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